Hexawise is a software as a service test plan generation tool. Hexawise provides an interface that has been optimized to allow efficient entry of test inputs.

This site will provide webcasts to aid software testers. The videos will normally use, our Hexawise software to illustrate software testing principles. You can create a free account to try out Hexawise yourself.

Effective software testing relies on many factors including software testing experts. Hexawise allows software testers to create test plans that provide more coverage with fewer test. Hexawise accomplishes this in many ways including the use of combinatorial testing algorithm that allows the creation of test plans that provide coverage for testing factors efficiently.

Pairwise testing aims to catch potential bugs that manifest when parameter combinations cause the bug. For example, a web application may work fine unless a specific combination is selected. So if you watch a video it may work fine in many instances but with Mac OSx and the chrome browser it fails. Using Chrome and Linux or Windows may be fine. And using Mac OSx and Safari or Firefox may be fine. But the specific pair of Mac OSx and Chrome may result in an error. This pair causes an error where neither alone causes an error.

Pairwise (also known as all-pairs) testing seeks to cover the possibility of all pairs of parameters. Pairwise testing is really a subset of combinatorial software testing (also known as orthogonal array testing / OATS) which can seek to test to whatever level of combinations you wish (every tripple, etc.). For example, it might be that Mac OSx and Chrome will actually work if the video is an HTML5 video but not if it is a flash video.

So if you didn’t require coverage for trips whether you caught that bug would be up to luck (or a smart tester realizing that was critical to cover and so they manually covered both options). Hexawise allows you to set up to 6 way coverage. Hexawise also allows you to set mixed-stregnth coverage (so you can set 6 way coverage for some parameters, 3 way for others, and 2 way for all the rest).

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