Pairwise Testing Introduction: Banking Example (2 Videos)

beginner video

A basic introduction to pairwise software testing, designing a set of pairwise tests for a simplified banking application, and answering the following questions:

What is pairwise testing?
What challenges does pairwise testing solve?
How do pairwise software test design methods prioritize which specific test conditions are included in each of the tests in the plan?
What two aspects of pairwise test solutions don’t receive as much attention as they deserve? (Variability between tests, and front-loading of combinatorial coverage)

Video 2 of 2:
This video demonstrates:

  • How should you think about including parameters and values in your inputs so that they trigger specific business rules?
  • How can you remove “impossible to test for” scenarios from presenting?
  • How can you create sets of combinatorial tests that will cover not only all pairs but all triplets of Values, all possible combinations involving 4 Values, etc.
  • How can you focus extra testing thoroughness on high-priority areas within your System Under Test?

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