Hexawise 2-Minute Overview

screen shot of Hexawise 2 minute overview videoHexawise 2-Minute Overview
Level: Beginner
Tags: pairwise testing, software testing

Combinatorial Software Testing at Fidelity Investments

screen capture showing InvestmentsKathleen Poulsen of Fidelity Investments gave a presentation at STAREAST 2017 sharing her experience using Hexawise to improve their software testing performance.
Level: Beginner
Tags: Hexawise, pairwise testing, software testing, combinatorial testing, case study

Introduction to Hexawise, a Pairwise and Combinatorial Testing Tool

Intro Hexawise video - JustinHexawise has all the advantages of a pairwise test generation tool without the coverage limitations. When you generate tests with Hexawise, you have a simple (but powerful) coverage dial at your fingertips.
Level: Beginner
Tags: pairwise testing, software testing

Detailed Example for Creating Pairwise Test Plans Using Hexawise

screenshot of pairwise test plan webcastThis is a 8 part series of videos showing, in detail, various steps that can be used in creating a pairwise software test plan. Many test plans will not require all of these steps. Most of the videos are 1-4 minutes long.
Level: Beginner
Tags: Pairwise testing, software test plan creation, invalid pairs, value expansion, test cases

Mind Maps – What, Why and How

image of Mind Maps webcat screencapturehow to use mind maps to clearly and concisely organize and communicate information about your software tests. You can quickly see mind maps in action by logging into your Hexawise account and opening one of the sample test plans. Then make changes to the test plan and export a new mind map to see the result.
Level: Beginner
Tags: Mind Maps, communication, test factors

Introduction to Pairwise Testing: Banking Example

image of screen during pairwise testing example
Learn how business analysts, product managers, test leads, developers, and others on your team can quickly review a test planning strategy and provide their input.
Level: Beginner
Tags: Pairwise testing, software testing

How To Think About Test Inputs in Software Testing

graphic showing screen capture of webcast: how to think about test inputsThis video provides practical tips for selecting appropriate test inputs for pair-wise, combinatorial and orthogonal array software software test plans.
Level: Beginner
Tags: pairwise testing, test inputs, software testing